Who We Are


RedNova Consultants is a versatile educational organization that offers a range of professional development courses and assessment solutions for professionals in the teaching of English and education in general.

Our academic offerings include certification courses for teachers, Certificate for English Teachers (CET), coordinators and educational management professionals, Certificado para Coordinadores en Gestión Educativa Estratégica (CEC), and a range of additional training options that meet the educational needs of our times, designed for both teachers of English, as well as several other members of the school community. The Specialized ELT courses are a good choice for educational institutions, offering the opportunity to address specific professional development needs of their teachers.

RedNova Consultants also offers assessment solutions, such as the Online Placement Test (OPT), and tests with official recognition, Diagnostic Tests for English Students (DTES) through which the language proficiency of English teachers and students of all ages can be assessed against the levels of the Certificación Nacional de Nivel de Idioma (CENNI) and the Common European Framework for Language Reference (CEFR).