The Online Placement Test (OPT) is designed to automatically measure the English proficiency and development of reading and listening proficiency, with a good degree of reliability. It also measures knowledge of grammatical forms and understanding of literal and figurative meanings of the included structures.

Certificado para Coordinadores en Gestión Educativa Estratégica

Even though it is not a test of the four skills, there is the option to conduct an online interview to assess oral production. To ensure reliability of results, OPT has been developed by experts in language assessment and evaluation and benchmarked against the appropriate standards.

  1. Content
    1. The questions included are designed according to the CENNI and the CEFR levels to provide institutions and individuals feedback on their language level that allows them to make informed decisions. If the test is applied to a group of students, feedback can identify strengths and areas of opportunity.

      Questions evaluate examinees according to their linguistic, sociolinguistic and knowledge of communication strategies in the English language. Both, semantic knowledge and the pragmatic use of language in a professional or academic context, are asessed.

  2. Requirements
    1. The minimum specifications for using Online Placement Test are as follows:

      Processor capacity equal to or greater than 333 MHz Pentium II
      128 MB RAM minimum
      Color display with a resolution less than 1024 x 768
      Audio output
      Operating system Windows XP or MAC OS 10.4 or higher
      Firefox Navigator 2.x or Microsoft Explorer 6.x or higher
      Adobe Flash Player 8 or higher
      An internet connection broadband at a speed of 500 kbps is recommended.

  3. Results
    1. The results are presented in a database that includes information on the questions allowing candidates to filter the data. The Online Placement Test produces a statement of results for each candidate.

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