CET is an innovative training course lasting 200 hours , with official recognition from the DGAIR . It is the ideal course for teachers who wish to obtain a formal certification to support their teaching career.

English teachers who complete Certificate for English Teachers (CET) program satisfactorily will have the necessary knowledge to be successful in their teaching career. This training can be received face to face or online.

Certificate for English Teachers
  1. Modules
    1. The course is designed for in service teachers from primary onwards. It is divided into 10 separate 20-hour modules, that cover the following topics:

      Teaching Foundations
      Teaching Principles in ELT
      About Languague
      Lesson Planning
      Effective Learning Environments
      Teaching Aids
      Classroom Management
      Educational Technology

  2. Admission profile
    1. Candidates must meet the following requirements:

      Be an in-service English teacher
      Have a minimum English language level CENNI 12 or CEFR B2
      Having an initial certification for teaching English worth at least 100 hours
      Able to prove a minimum of 500 teaching hours
      Be at least 25 years old

  3. Recognition
    1. This course is recognized by the Dirección General de Acreditación, Incorporación y Revalidación (DGAIR) as valid to enter the Proceso de Profesionalización de los Docentes de Inglés de la SEP (Acuerdo 286).

      In addition, this course has been accredited by the Colegio de Profesionales de la Enseñanza de Inglés (COPEI).

  4. Results
    1. Candidate performance is evaluated through various projects, collaborative work sessions and classroom observation. Participants receive a partial certificate for each module completed successfully, which describes in detail the objectives achieved. Candidates who complete the 10 modules successfully receive the global CET certificate, with the recognition of the DGAIR.

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